Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Oct 8

It was an easy day - no problems to speak of -  finished fudge and other stuff that could be made in advance - cleaned up the island, and counters and re-organized stuff so I could do the rest for the craft show next week

I don't know what I've lost (assuming I have) - but not worried - If I keep this up, I definitely will.

Diane has a palates (sp?) upstairs - I need to find the cd for it - then I'll have that to do during the winter - when too cold to walk - also I need to get some exercise cds for when Diane comes home - so we can continue with some of the stuff she's been doing.

I'm making up menu's that I can use when she is here - that will be "light" -  

Looking forward to tomorrow and an even better day!



  1. Well I did very well today....I am proud for day two...did have a little popcorn for a snack but otherwise was right on target. I will pull out the mat for another stretching session tonight...I have veggies ready for tomorrow. made some chicken salad...thought of you when NCIS came on....I will weigh once a week...and measure my waist...took some goodies into work and will take a few more tomorrow..they sure didn't last long...they wouldn't have here either...better them than me....there is some ice cream in there too...I will check out the sugar content and see if I need to move that to the next house as well...I have people all around me who have just done it and have lost up to 80 pounds by just sticking to it....I can do anything anyone else can do...I can..and I will...talk to you tomorrow. not looking forward to the cold weather....I have some yoga and pallaties cd's...and some Jillian and a couple other killers...will get those out and some books on the bosu ball and the stretching....did you find your George book?

  2. Shout it out 229.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am pumped...do you realize what I did?????????? Yahoo...I will keep it up....so worth the effort

  3. Well another good day behind me. I am starting to feel it....I think when I get to 200 I will really realize this is the trip I have been wanting to be on. I changed the gross photo of myself to a pile of watermelons....I am not sure if I told you the story of the watermelons but that is very encouraging...I lost 16 pounds before at this time last year...I found it unfortunately...but I know exactly what I have to do to leave it behind for good...and the watermelon is a symbol of that 16 pounds....I thought the watermelon weighed way more...but it only weighed 16 pounds...doesn't sound like much but when you load that on - your feet and other joints will fill you in about how heavy 16 pounds is....so I have a patch of watermelons on my desktop now...to remind me that is what I will set my small goals on and I can get ride of one watermelon at a time....I can't believe it is Thursday already....I am thankful for the courage to continue....thanks for your help Boots....keep up the good work.