Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Oct 8

It was an easy day - no problems to speak of -  finished fudge and other stuff that could be made in advance - cleaned up the island, and counters and re-organized stuff so I could do the rest for the craft show next week

I don't know what I've lost (assuming I have) - but not worried - If I keep this up, I definitely will.

Diane has a palates (sp?) upstairs - I need to find the cd for it - then I'll have that to do during the winter - when too cold to walk - also I need to get some exercise cds for when Diane comes home - so we can continue with some of the stuff she's been doing.

I'm making up menu's that I can use when she is here - that will be "light" -  

Looking forward to tomorrow and an even better day!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

I have a celebration!  Just a small one - I had lunch at Taco Bell today - not good, I know, but even so - usually I have an encherito, 2 tacos and large drink -  today - enchirito, 1 taco and medium - unsweetened tea!  Baby Steps, Baby Steps.  And, that was combination breakfast and lunch.

I'll try to keep focused for the rest of the day


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday, 10/5

8# - that's amazing - water or not - what a boost! Keep up the great work!

Yesterday was a bit unorganized -  I'm not doing as well as you are - definitely not -   I had to taste some fudge - just a teeny tiny bite - really - to see if it was burnt - it was.   So that got thrown out.  I've made so much it's going the way of chocolate making - I'll have to find someone else to test it - the thought of tasting it today makes me a little queasy.

Didn't have the corn for supper - forget what I did have.    I have some kind of powdered energy drink that Brooke gave me - it's at the storage unit - I guess I'll pick it up tomorrow when I go to town.  It will help I know.   

While at the storage unit - I'll see if I can find my "Belly Fat"  book - it worked so well before!

I find that I'm not even thinking breakfast until about 11 a.m. -  Food just does not appeal to me right now -    I'm going to keep the tea-pot steaming today - maybe hot tea is just what I need. 

This is not the up-beat kind of support you need - So let's change the tone -    I challenge myself to
take a 15 minute walk today!     My walking sticks are on the porch - weather is nice and I'll take Tucker with me. 

I'll boil up some chicken today - What???!!!   I happen to like plain old boiled chicken.  

I'll report back about the walk -


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday, October 3

Well - it's day 1 for me - but not a very good start -   I weighed in at the Dr's - 251 pounds - waist 44 -  It's going to be a tough start for me - since I'm making all this stuff for the Holiday Show - but I'll do the best I can -   For the start - I'll work on portions.   I know corn is not a good choice, but it is a vegetable and that's what I'll have tonite.  My ultimate goal is 75# - it's a real shocker when I can visuallize that's equal to 15 - 5# bags of sugar!   That's a heavy load to carry


Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Beginning

                                          Here we go - off on the adventure of becoming more healthy with more energy and able to leap tall buildings.

My goal is to become more aware of unhealthy choices - of which I have many.    This is a private (I hope) blog - to be used by just the two of us.