Sunday, October 6, 2013

I have a celebration!  Just a small one - I had lunch at Taco Bell today - not good, I know, but even so - usually I have an encherito, 2 tacos and large drink -  today - enchirito, 1 taco and medium - unsweetened tea!  Baby Steps, Baby Steps.  And, that was combination breakfast and lunch.

I'll try to keep focused for the rest of the day



  1. This is Monday and I DID it...all day...and then I just got off this cool mat I bought...its really for babies...but I rolled around, stretched out, pushed up, and did all kinds of stretching on is takes up a good portion of the living room and Della is on the porch so I don't have to contend with her. Can you do a push up? Well my version is laughable but this pad makes it comfortable to try and that I did...I will work on this at night and walk on my treadmill or the keep up the good work Boots....keep posting....I am reading Atkins again...can't find that other book...George...I must have gotten rid of it...boy I have a lot of fat on my back...well all over but lots on my back...getting rid of that stuff....have a good night. bvb

  2. I am not sure where I am supposed to put my notes...I guess if they are in here you will find them....I plan on another successful day...the wind is starting to blow here so it should be a rather chilly day. they say it is supposed to be a high of 50 today and 40 tomorrow...ugh...I have a supply of Atkins drinks so that is what I will have for supper with a salad. Did I tell you I worked out on the mat last night...I can feel it this morning...good lord am I out of shape...I will go to the pool tonight after work.